03.09.2014 12:25 UTC    Temperature: 23.6°C    Humidity: 77%    Barometric Pressure: 1017.3 mb    Wind: SE 6.5 km/h
03.09.2014 12:25 UTC    Solar Radiation: 969.0 W/m²  (96%)    UV Index:
03.09.2014 12:25 UTC    Rain rate: 0.0 mm/h    Last 24h: 0.00 mm    Daily rain: 0.00 mm    Monthly rain: 0.00 mm    Yearly rain: 106.60 mm
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Current Santa Cruz de Tenerife Weather

12:25 UTC
Temperature: 23.6°C
Humidity: 77%
Pressure: 1017.3 mb
Wind: SE (132°)
6.5 Km/h
Average Wind in this hour: ESE (112.5°)
8.4 Km/h
Dew Point: 19.3°C
Daily Rain: 0.00 mm
Current Rain Rate: 0.0 mm/h
High Hourly Rain Rate: 0.0 mm/h
Last 24h Rain: 0.00 mm
Monthly Rain: 0.00 mm in 0 rain days
Yearly Rain: 106.60 mm in 33 rain days
Solar Radiation: 969.0 W/m²  (96%)
UV Index:
Wind Chill: 23.6°C
Heat Index: 23.6°C
Daily Highs and Lows
High Temperature: 24.1°C
Time: 20140903120159 h
Low Temperature: 20.7°C
Time: 20140903054447 h
High Humidity: 81.0%
Time: 20140903032623 h
Low Humidity: 72.0%
Time: 20140903005329 h
High Barometer: 1017.8 mb
Time: 20140903103745 h
Low Barometer: 1015.6 mb
Time: 20140903032645 h
High Wind Speed: 22.7 Km/h
Time: 20140903031641 h
Average Wind Speed in this hour: 20.9 Km/h
Main Wind Direction: NW (315.0°)
High Dew Point: 19.6°C
Time: 20140903114403 h
Low Dew Point: 16.6°C
Time: 20140903005329 h
High Rain Rate: 0.0 mm/h
Time: 20140903000015 h
High Solar Radiation: 993 W/m²
Time: 20140903122034 h
Low Wind Chill: 20.7°C
Time: 20140903054447 h
High Heat Index: 24.1°C
Time: 20140903120159 h
Monthly Highs and Lows
High Monthly Temperature: 27.6°C
Low Monthly Temperature: 20.7°C
High Monthly Humidity: 84.0%
Low Monthly Humidity: 57.0%
High Monthly Barometric Pressure: 1018.0 mb
Low Monthly Barometric Pressure: 1015.2 mb
High Monthly Wind: NW  45.0 Km/h
Main Wind Direction: NW (315.0°)
High Montly Dew Point: 20.4°C
Low Montly Dew Point: 16.5°C
High Monthly Rain Rate: 0.0 mm/h
High Monthly Solar Radiation: 1062 W/m²
Time: 20140902130220 h
Low Monthly Wind Chill: 20.7°C
High Monthly Heat Index: 28.8°C
Yearly Highs and Lows
High Yearly Temperature: 30.3°C
Time: 20140829124216 h
Low Yearly Temperature: 10.9°C
Time: 20140109054206 h
High Yearly Humidity: 95.0%
Time: 20140412170236 h
Low Yearly Humidity: 19.0%
Time: 20140503084705 h
High Yearly Barometric Pressure: 1032.4 mb
Time: 20140227230807 h
Low Yearly Barometric Pressure: 1004.8 mb
Time: 20140109144715 h
High Yearly Wind: NW  72.4 Km/h
Time: 20140101000020 h
Main Wind Direction: NW (315.0°)
High Yearly Dew Point: 21.4°C
Time: 20140821173755 h
Low Yearly Dew Point: -0.9°C
Time: 20140503084705 h
High Yearly Rain Rate: 114.0 mm/h
Time: 20140109053501 h
High Yearly Solar Radiation: 1582 W/m²
Time: 20140420130717 h
Low Yearly Wind Chill: 10.9°C
Time: 20140109054206 h
High Yearly Heat Index: 30.8°C
Time: 20140831131018 h
Sunrise and Sunset Time: 06:44 / 19:25 UTC
Day Length: 12:40h
Moon Phase: 61.4% - First Quarter
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Last Update 03.09.2014  12:25 UTC

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands weather conditions at 32 meters above sea level. Time according to coordinated universal time (UTC). The civil insular time is UTC+0 in winter and UTC+1 in summer. Information updated every 5 minutes approximately.

Temperature and Humidity. Last 24 hours Temperature, Windchill and Dew Point. Last 24 hours Speed, High Wind Speed and Wind Direction. Last 24 hours Rainfall and Barometric Pressure. Last 24 hours Solar Radiation. Last 24 hours Number of times in percentage that Wind had a specific direction. Last 24 hours Wind Speed per Direction. Last 24 hours Barometric Pressure and Wind Speed. Last 4 days Solar Radiation. Last 4 days Rainfall and Barometric Pressure. Last 7 days Average, High and Low Daily Temperature. Last month Temperature distribution along the daily hours. Last month Humidity distribution along the daily hours. Last month Barometric Pressure distribution along the daily hours. Last month Rainfall distribution along the daily hours. Last month Solar Radiation distribution along the daily hours. Last month
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Santa Cruz de Tenerife webcam - North view
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Moon Phase
Moon phase
First Quarter
Day Length:
06:44 / 19:25 UTC
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